July 01, 2015

Etah SSA ,UP(W) had deposited Rs. 1000

Etah  SSA ,UP(W) had deposited Rs. 1000 towards CHQ Fund.
Thanks to all TTAs of Etah SSA for their valuable contribution.

 Below 5 TTA's had given 200 Rs each for the CHQ Fund , Sincere Thanks to all of them
SHAME to Those DR TTA's  of  Etah SSA who hadn't contributed and are Breaking TTA Unity.

1-    Alok pachauri  TTA   ETAH ---   9412811547  
2-    PRAVEEN KUSHWAHA  ---   9457164001
3-    RAJESH SHKYA             ---   9457412444  
4-    VEERENDRA SINGH      ---    9457342427  
5     PUSHPENDRA KR. SINGH --- 9458401604 

PLZ Once Again it's an Appeal to Remaining SSA to do collection of Fund and
 Deposit it in the  CHQ A/c. well before the CEC meeting going to held on Coming Sunday.