October 21, 2015

Best Drafted Letter

This is the letter, will be given to our Dr. HR for our next meeting on 06/11/15 at CO, New Delhi. Me and my team will be there(Perhaps DGS and President ).... Supporting all documents will be given along with that.... An special thanks to Sanar Sanyal ji(CC/KolKata) and Sunil Gautam ji (DGS/SNATTA,CHQ) for helping as always...!
Smt. Sujata Ray,
Director (Human Resources)
New Delhi

Sub: - Representation on prevailing issues in the TTA cadre.

With reference to the subject cited above, we would like to draw your earnest attention towards the significant matter of career progression of thousands of DR-TTAs, functioning as the backbone cadre in BSNL now a day. We wish to bring the following items to your kind notice pertaining to thousands of DR-TTAs striving hard in the field.

(A) Early Conduction of JTO(T) LICE in parallel with absorption of Offtg.JTO:

1. May I congratulate you on the approval of JTO(T) RR-2014 as Devi Durga came into being with the bestow of other mighty gods to eradicate Asuras and reinstated peace, harmony and development. We hope, this JTO(T) RR-2014 after going through years of distillation process will fulfill the legitimate aspiration of DR TTAs in their progress and promotion. We urge early conduction of JTO LICE in parallel with absorption of officiating JTOs within this financial year (2015-16).We urge, the initial implementation of JTO (T) RR-2014 by accommodating maximum strength of DR TTA’s upto the financial year 2015-16.Considering the previous irritating and embarrassing facts and situation, the JTO LICE should be fair and competitive according to DR TTAs basic qualification level. Your kind of action in this regard will produce a vibration and strong momentum to fulfill our beloved organization vision and mission.

2. If the JTO (T) RR-2014 policy was aimed to compensate long pending trauma of Technicians and their retirement benefits then it should also simultaneously activate its machinery to infuse young talented executives from its own resources for future growth and survival without wasting of time. It is well understood that the BSNL have to maintain a youthful skilled manpower profile to make the edge over other telecom operator and to keep their existence within governmental socio-economic policies and goal. It is one of the possible strategies to overcome the present doldrums like ERP implementation, ERP maintenance and etc, by accommodating young dynamic, computer savvy manpower and deploying them in field areas which are starving for long time by empty execution post. Presently, maximum executives looking after multiple responsibilities at the same time as “jack of all but master of none”. BSNL service is suffering due to lack of monitoring and proper execution. The modern system has given a great opportunity to interact remote field areas even with corporate office management instantly but due to the lack of knowledge and implementation of same may suffer optimization of BSNL investment. We fear, the Management’s non-fulfilled dream will again grasp BSNL and will put into stagnation, negative growth in turn our job and security. Every Circle CGM & GMs proclaim their deep desire to suitably post DR TTAs as JTO (LA) but when we protest the LA arrangements and urge for regular arrangements, our respected local administrators throw the ball on corporate office administrators head. We don’t want to play executive role on shadow.BSNL management has to rise higher from the surface of earth to make the wind blow either horizontally or inclined upwards. We young generation confident to host our BSNL flag at the top of Mt. Everest if the proper opportunity and regular responsibilities of executive is bestowed on us, in time.

(B) Deployment of Ex-servicemen TTAs for Field Training on Completion of Phase-I Training 
With reference to the above cited subject Ex-servicemen TTAs, in compliance of court order are deputed for JTO (T) induction training but they are not being deputed for Field Training on completion of Phase-I Training. The issue was discussed in a meeting by this association with Dir. (HR) on 09.10.2015. We appreciate the decision of Dir. (HR) to depute Ex-servicemen TTAs for Field Training on completion of Phase-I Training. You are requested to issue necessary instructions to all circles in this regard.
We solicit your kindest attention in the matter and having full expectation for favorable response from your side.

(C) Wage Problem for DR TTAs

I ) Rectification of the Wage loss to the Direct Recruited TTAs:- Wage revision by 2nd PRC had reduced our salary, In spite of up gradation of salary (as announced during the DR TTA recruitment process from market in national newspaper),it had slashed our wage and continuing even after giving us one increment. Full representation submitted to management at various time along with probable rectification done by other CPSU. This issue is an inclusively factor of

2nd PRC and the product of dispute must not be isolated from financial liability to implement 2nd PRC at par all staff in same organization and same category without discrimination. Problems of pay disparity to those, appointed after 01/01/07 should be solved with an immediate effect.

An appeal to you to take the wage loss as a serious issue which management have already agreed by giving us one increment, but the actual figure of wage loss and its continuation is well below than that of their rectification. It can be permanently solved by giving at least five (5) increments to the deprived peoples


1. Some discriminatory, non uniform attitude towards DR TTAs is disheartening us. It is grossly affecting morale, motivation of DR TTAs(the core field worker of BSNL), which may affect the implementation of BSNL Co,NDs guidelines in wide scale .One of the most discriminated order endorsed by competent authority is Non Executive Promotion Policy vide BSNL CO.ND No-27-7/2008-TE-II dated 23 March 2010.The discriminated order not only weakens the base of DR TTA’s career progression but also made them economically and socially poor in the rank of non-executives, although BSNL directly recruited TTAs not entitled for GPF/pension and presently barred from legitimate 30% superannuation benefit. Madam, we are taking same oxygen but treated differently. We are privileged to depict the following heart burning classification within same organization and unequal painful status of same category.
(i)Qualifying Service Conditions: for pay scale up gradation for Non- Executive
(BSNL CO.ND No-27-7/2008-TE-II dated 23 March 2010)(Appendix-1)

Para 3.1and 3.2 of the ibid letter explore; The FIRST UPGRADATION of IDA Scale of individual Non- Executive will be due for consideration on completion of 8 (Eight) years of Service in the current IDA scale, and the subsequent pay scale up gradation for next 8(eight) years of service.
Those Non-executives, who have been recruited by DoT prior to 01.10.2000 and later absorbed in BSNL, are entitled for FIRST Up gradation on completion of 4 (four) years of service in current IDA scale as a concession and, subsequent pay up gradation for next 7(seven) years of service.

(ii)Qualifying Service Conditions: for pay scale up gradation to BSNL Executive
(BSNL CO.ND No-400-6/2004-Pers.I dated 18 Jan 2007)(Appendix-2)
Para 3.1 and Para 3.2 of the ibid letter says, The first up gradation of IDA scale of individual Executive will be due for consideration on completion of 4 (four) years of service in the current IDA scale subject to the condition that the Executive’s basic pay in the current IDA scale has crossed /touched the lowest of the higher IDA scale for which his/her up gradation is to be considered OR he/she has completed 6(six) years of service in the current IDA scale, whichever is earlier.

The subsequent up gradation of IDA scale to the next higher IDA scale will be due on completion of 5 (five) years of service in the current IDA scale.

Scale up gradation in case of executive is equal for employee recruited before October 2000 or after BSNL formation. No separate line drawn between DOT recruits or BSNL recruits in case of executive.

2. The different methodology adopted by competent authority in pay scale up gradation. By deliberate attempt to draw a separate line between DOT and BSNL non executive staff derailed the pay growth and career progression to DR TTA with a separate entity and made us aggrieved. By a separate entity in same organization, DR TTAs consist of various caste are suffering with inequality in work place and also unequal opportunity in same rank and environment, a true violation of Sec-14 and Sec-16 of Indian constitution. 
3. The time bound IDA scale up gradations are not linked with availability of Posts and thus, the provisions relating to application of post based rosters are not applicable. It hovers only within pre decided NE Pay scale (NE-9 to NE-12) in case of DR TTAs. However considering the same work, same pay; and considering the recruitment from competition market with a higher qualification like Diploma/B-Tech/MSc Math ; considering the backbone of an organization; rewarding to their professional approach to new technology and sense of responsibility ; an uniform methodology of pay scale up gradation is justified for a mere 10 percent(10%) 12000 odd highly skilled DR TTAs of 1.2 lakhs(approx) non-executive manpower strength. Your kind consideration not only addresses the injustice done to the DR TTAs but act as a quantum of positive motivation to this young talented youth for long. We, Direct recruited TTAs rightfully demand the first pay scale up gradation must be after 4(four) year of qualifying service and subsequent up gradation every after 5(five) year of qualifying of service retrospectively. A justification table drawn below for your ready recon.

NE- 9(13600-25420) 14010 14430 14860 15310 15770 NE-9 Pay scale touching minimum pay scale of NE-10 on 4th year.
NE 10(14900-27850) 14900 15350 15810 16280 16770 NE-10 Pay scale touching minimum pay scale of NE-11 on 5th year.
NE 11(16370-30630) 16370 16860 17370 17890 18430 NE-11 touching minimum scale of NE-12 ON 2ND year.
NE-12 scale was further introduced by modifying earlier order on 11.09.2012 keeping in mind the E1A scale(16400-40500).E1A scale was further modified with 5 increments and starting basic became Rs-19020
NE 12(16390-33830) 16390 16880 17390 17910 18450

4. The inter se seniority of direct recruits and promotes –instructions thereof vide GOI/Ministry of personnel, public and grievances & pension /DOP&T NO-20011/1/2012-Estt. (D) dated 04 March 2014(Appendix-3), though BSNL pay up-gradation does not deal with vacancy but the ibid letter laid some ethical guidelines by abiding apex court judgment and clearly explained the relative seniority of direct recruits and promotes. The employee who recruited before 2000, Oct as TM, further promoted to TTA in NE-9 Pay Scale by LICE examination in the year 2009 and due to his previous year of qualifying service pay scale upgraded on 2011(NE-10) but a direct recruited employee, who entered BSNL in the year 2008 as TTA before him will remain in same scale (NE-9) up to 2016.It is quite bitter pill to digest.
5. The 78.2% pay fixation is not applicable to DR employees recruited on or after 01 Jan 2007, there pay fixation multiplication factor reduced to 1.86 (30% below the absorved/ joined before 01.01.2007) and DR TTAs suffered wage loss who joined on or after 01.01.2007.Therefore starting from negative number line of axis, the stagnation of pay will not arise in due course of time . Moreover a diploma cadre junior engineer promoted to regular higher rank after the completion of five year of qualifying service in every Indian governmental organization. We expect a helpful HR policy in respect of NEPP and not to ruin our growth and career.

6. With full faith in BSNL management, we believe the above mentioned points in respect of DR TTAs must be looked into against the existing painful discrimination and injustice, and hence equality before law will be prevailed.

With all due respect, I urge you to review on the points aforementioned to avoid inveterate approach to act upon the same so as to treat the TTAs fairly.

Thanks and Regards,

Anup Mukharjee.

General Secretary