April 11, 2016


United just by name TTA’s
Divided by Biased Thoughts

Dear Friends
Its really disheartening to see that some of Our Biased TTA frnds r giving wrong feedback to CHQ n CS of Unions and misguiding them in the name of Unity and Presenting a Wrong Picture of UP West Circle.
Raising Questions without Base about Integrity and Dignity of Our SNATTAians just coz many SNATTAians are member of NFTE.
Want to ask them that for past 5- 6 Years 
We have got Alliance with NFTE do at that time any of the members Raised Question about the Unity and Integrity of SNATTA  as they were members of BSNL EU ?     No  Right
 then Why now Questions on Unity is being asked ?
We have Alliance n Support BSNL EU in Coming Elections .
That does n’t means this give right to Criticise and make a unnecessary propaganda Against there Fellow Frnd s who r members of Other Unions.
Its them who r Breaking SNATTA Unity by making thing complicated in Our Circle at National Level.

From the Beginning I kept on Saying
“ First We r a SNATTIAN’s then V r a member of any Union “
they did n’t follow that now all of a sudden those biased TTA’s had started giving Justification and Showing Gr8 Followers of SNATTA where were these Persons,  and Questions wereWhen in Past SNATTA really needed Active Person to Voice Out Our Issues in Unions.

In CEC also UP West Circle Strongly ask to CHQ for Conduction of Clubbed Paper Exam
(if any TTA had doubt about that we have a Full length Vedio for it )
but CHQ had taken a Decision of Yearwise
( as per Condition which were Favourable that time at CO ).
Then also CHQ , GS , AGS ( CC) , CS all were critised by some of TTA friends of some Batches.
Want to ask Why this Criticism is to be Faced Only by SNATTA Office Bearer ?
Why not other Unions Faces these Type of Criticism ?
Why those TTA’s r Blind Followers of Unions ?
Why can’t this Blind Support should be with SNATTA.
Its good to Speak n Raise Your Voices but against the wrong going to Us and to our issues not to
Your Fellow Frnds and Seniors  This is Against Unity and not good for a Association.

Want to ask and n Say to CHQ that TTA frnds should not be Judged for his Loyalty just coz  if he is a member of Different union.
If some r attending meetings of different Unions do this thing can be acceptable ?
As for myself also though not being part of Dias or Stage just to have a Talk as we had done in the Past also meeting different Unions for Our Issues though those Biased Person hadn’t.
 Can’t we meet to other Unions Representatives .

Asking this on behalf of those TTA’s r member of other Unions , SC / ST Association  etc.

Above Explanation and Questions r asked not for those Biased TTA's but for those Who Support Us.