June 03, 2016

Fund Collection 500 Rs per JE's

Its An Appeal for All the JE's of UP West
that as 2014-15 Notification is issued by BSNL CO.
CHQ is  doing efforts for 2009  Eligibility .....
But Last JTO LICE Result of 2007 Batch Provisionally Allowed had not been declared f
or which May be in near Future we have to legallyFight for the same

( As Scenario at CO and Updated being given from Union's Association's).
Its a
Request to all 2007 , 2008  , 2009  , 2010 BATCH    JE's
that start  Collecting 500 Rs per JE's in UR SSA.
( as would  be the Last Collection for SNATTA cause would be J T O 's in BSNL afterwards )
So that we could Fight together for Our Respective Eligibilties.

No Doubt
if 2007 Result is accepted for the First Paper 2009 would be eligible for the
August Paper by Default.( as in Rajasthan Circle Some of Our JE's went on
Training before 1st July )

Those misguiding with wrong Inputs and Breaking this Unity by which we had achieved so much.
Plz just a
word to all of you that Don't Spoil Ur and Our's Future.