December 01, 2016

Important for 3rd JTO LICE

The E Verification must be done from all circles to issue admit card for 3rd JTO LICE.The format for E Verification data to be verified by Circle/SSA staff section is attached below.All Circle/SSA SNATTA office bearers are requested to persue their concerned staff section to complete the E Verification process fast.The E Verified data must be sent to Corporate Office within 03.12.2016.

N.B:As for verification from SSA there are lot of confusion about E verification as somewhere in the ERP module,it is not active presently.In those case,candidate may ask their SSA Admin to verify the data as it was sent in previous LICE manually or by mail to circle Admin as early as possible and ask to contact Circle Admin.

CS SNATTA Already had sent the SMS for the same