January 10, 2017

Thanks to All

SNATTA UP West Circle Body sincerely say a
Big Thanks to all of Offical's from Managment and
all of the Office bearer of different Executive Association's and Active members of SNATTA
Last but not the least to Our CHQ, GS and DGS.

To start with
Due to Pursuance of GS AITEEA Shri Manoj ji of ALTTC Gazaibad for  allotment of ALTTC  to UP West Telecom Circle for Phase 1 training as till yesterday for phase - 1 Training of UP West no Training allotment was done. Thanks for his prompt action and take up of issue from his end at ALTTC Gaziabad

To Shri Sanjeev Sharama Ji CS SNEA  & Shri Upender Sharma Ji ACS SNEA UP West
to look up the case from UP West Circle office
n Shri Surajpal ji AGM HR I for contacting the Jabalpur Training Centre


Shri Anoop Ji , Shri Sunil ji , Datta bhai , Upadayay ji and  CHQ Members for taking the issue as a whole

Shri Manoj Phadwas Ji JAO , Shri Saurabh Ji JE  n other Friends who worked hard for the allotment of Training Centre.
Thanks all

Even Thanks for 2009 Batch Friends who worked in
completing the E verification at SSA Level
though the work is still pending but within a week from 155 about only 30 Cases are to verified.

"" THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who helped in Our Bright Future ahead ""