June 24, 2017

Congratulations to all JTO Qualified Frnds

Congratulation to all JE's Qualified in JTO LDCE
UP West result

We want to Thanks
JTO est. Shri Saurabh Ji
ADT Rect. Shri Mukesh Sir
AGM Sir shri Rakesh Saxena ji

For there shear hard work n efforts
Finally JTO 2015-16 Result got declared

Though the reason for which result was delayed of 8 Candidates not qualified in this result due to Seat crunch in UP West to make them also qualified was not achieved due to administrative reasons
At last
On behalf of All candidates qualified in Result

We Sincerely thanks from the core of Our hearts to all the above Officer's

To having as usual always Postive approach towards benefits of Employee's

Abhishek Sharma