March 12, 2016

7th Verification


Central Cordinator UP West
( Sorry Sir  As due to Shortage of Time had sent mail Directly to CHQ PLZ request to you send through Properly if any changes are required)

 In Replying to The CHQ / GS  mail regarding giving support to a Union in Up coming 7 Verification.

I would like to point out   thing’s  which had come after taking feedback from all SSA’s of UP West That as U itself is aware that Our SNATTAians in every SSA’s either  in UP West or in other Circle throughout India are members of Both the recognised Union’s.

Some r of NFTE and some r of BSNL EU either coz of there some personal interest’s  or  of some other reason ,
 So no doubt they will cast there vote to that particular Union Only to which they are the member’s.
Keeping in view about this and feedback from SSA’s as in past years many TTA’s frnds had opted to go to NFTE and also being supported  and supporting NFTE in Circle  . Some SSA had opted for whatever CHQ will take Stand,

So on majority ratio of 60 NFTE  to 40 BSNL EU ,
UP West would like to take stand to    

 Support  NFTE in 7th Verification in Our Circle.

I would like to add one more thing that as 2009 Batch is very much  anguish and worried about  there  future  and about  conduction of  JTO LICE  coz of which they are Criticising the Yearwise Option taken by CHQ .

As Notification had been issued by CO for 2013-14 Vacancies and O – JTO are being regularized in these Vacancies Only
 but before it was conveyed that they would get regularized by 2015 – 16 Vacancies and coz of which O – JTO would no doubt will give help n support  and there efforts in Conducting all the JTO LICE so that they would get regularized.

But now conditions had changed for 2009 Batch and things r going Dicey and as conveyed by website  of Union n some CHQ members the above things are being done with Support of Union

So these all TTA’s  will support NFTE.
 BSNL EU  should gives written assurance about conducting the 3rd Paper for 2009.
Coz Till now whatever decision r being  made and implemented  for  JTO LICE conduction r going in Benefits of Pre 2007 or  to O – JTO’s only but thing seems to be not good enough for  2009 Batch.

Hoping Our Circle’s choice for Supporting NFTE would be taken into Account and CHQ would no doubt  think about the Point’s mentioned above.

In  Support of You  and Expecting Support from Your Side  Always.... SNATTA Zindabad

(  Sir though I am not bound to do so but To be Transparent in my Circle with my TTA Frnd’s  had to Post this mail Publically.
CHQ members or other’s  should not take this thing to be Otherwise as U know                                              Now days  Things or Decision taken for a
 “”Good”” are being Judged as “”Bad””  ) 

Thanking You  
 Circle Secretary SNATTA UP West