March 17, 2016

Gaziabad SSA BSNL EU Meeting

Gaziabad SSA meeting of BSNL EU

In which BSNL EU General Secretary Com. P Abhimanyu Chief Guest &
 the meeting was attended by SNATTA  Central Cordinator & AGS Shri RK Upadhaya Ji
CS Abhishek Sharma
all issue were raised in the meeting

1. Ex-Servicemen Training issue though they had passed the JTO LICE 2013
2. 2009 Batch Early conduction of JTO LICE
3. Reservation of PH vacancies
4. Those Departmental TTA's who were eligible in 2013 by JTO RR2001 but not Eligible by JTO RR 2014
5. Pay loss n NEPP Issue  , 2010 Bacth Issue


for Ex-Serviceman issue he replied that can be pursued and b possible as early as possible

Fòr 2009 He Clearly said that Date's available n Feasible r the dates which management had given n can  not be changed for Early conduction
In fact  management  had given dates of Jan. 2017 which was changed to Nov. 2016

For PH Candidates he had taken the documents of last LICE in which PH had reserved Seats

For JTO RR 2001 eligible candidates its not possible to make eligible in RR 2014

NEPP  issue will be raised after Pay commission of 2017 as after talk's with management which they had already agreed to But will took up the Case after Pay Commission.